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How To Become a Media Expert

Media Trainer Alison Deyette

Guide to Becoming A Repeat Media Expert

Have you ever watched a great TV segment and you're left wondering, 'Wow! How did they do that?' Some people just have it, and when they speak, the media listens. It all comes down to how they package their knowledge, thoughts, skills, abilities, and experiences to make them media-worthy.

Why does it matter so much? Well, the endorsement of media coverage always goes a long way. It could launch a person's career or positively influence their target audience. It doesn't happen overnight. So, how can you become the media darling that interviewers always enjoy talking to? Here are the top three tips to get you closer to your dream.

1. Build Your Brand Image

In today's world, you cannot ignore the influence of a magnetic and confident brand. You need a compelling personal brand to become memorable within a targeted community and create a lasting impression in your audience's mind. However, creating a personal brand can be challenging as there's always so much pressure to be bigger than ourselves.

In the effort to become a media darling, everyone wants to be everything to everyone. But true power lies deep within ourselves, discovering what sets us apart. So, find that special thing that is you and make your brand all about that. As Oscar Wilde says, be yourself; after all, everyone else is already taken!

2. Build Your Confidence

Maintain your composure and get your point across regardless of the type of person you’re talking to or the circumstance. Strong interviewers are masters at sensing the ideal moment to jump in and ask questions that will make newsworthy or compelling answers. It's their job to research you and/or your company, and it's your job to be prepared. They’re not necessarily trying to trap you or make you feel ill at ease, in many cases they’re looking for a fresh response. When you're in an interview and get a surprise question, be ready to answer with confidence.

3. Stay Centered - Know Your Goals Beforehand

Becoming a media darling can be challenging. It needs constant work. When I media train clients we go through plenty of role-play scenarios. Nobody wants to look foolish on camera or say something they’ll regret which is why media training and on-camera coaching offer essential help. We start with breathing techniques and shaking off any anxious body language. Then we discuss how they can serve their audience. Try these two questions to guide you: What is my audience interested to know, and how can I give them exactly that? The first step is making sure that your message resonates with your audience.

And as much as you want to serve your audience, try to relax and enjoy yourself when those cameras roll. If a mistake happens, either go with it or make a joke about it. If you feel pushed off center, bring yourself back by pausing and directing the conversation how you'd like it to go. It takes a bit of practice, but you'll eventually hack it!

It takes practice to be relaxed and in control when you're the center of attention on camera, on stage, or in the conference room. So, start by setting your goals and evaluating your progress at every step. On top of that, consider media training and on-camera coaching as it will provide deep insights into what to expect and how to interact with journalists, colleagues, and audiences.

Learn more helpful advice on my media training blog and this recent article, performance coaching benefits.

Alison Deyette is a TV host, brand spokesperson, and media training/on-camera coach. She has helped CEOs, executives, on-air personalities, athletes, experts and a long list of Fortune 500 companies develop and express their messaging and content for television, web series, social media, corporate video, public speaking, and presentations. As your media trainer and on-camera coach, she’ll help to transform you into a powerful, confident, and focused speaker or personality. She is the regular lifestyle expert for The Kelly Clarkson Show, KTLA Los Angeles, Inside Edition, Extra, Access Hollywood, Today and regularly works with brands on HSN, QVC and other networks.


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About Alison

Alison Deyette is a TV host, brand spokesperson, and media training/on-camera coach. She has helped CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, on-air personalities, athletes, experts and a long list of Fortune 500 companies develop and express their messaging. She provides media training, on-camera coaching, speaking engagement preparation, guidance for pitches or interviews, and brand strategy consultation. Alison had helped with a wide range of clients' needs including the NBA draft, DEI speech preparation, 24/7 shopping channels, company brand video series, and Shark Tank pitches. Her extensive on-camera experience and journalism background give her the in-depth skills to help clients achieve confidence and success. She is frequently seen on The Kelly Clarkson Show, The View, Dr. Phil, Access Hollywood, and KTLA Morning News. She is a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Washington Post, New York, The Strategist, Real Simple, USA Today, and The Cut

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