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TV host and media trainer Alison Deyette on the red carpet with mentees from Step Up.


Be A Mentor

Guide every girl, and those that identify with girlhood, to their success.


You can be equal parts interested in being a kick-ass CEO, activism, fashion, fitness AND philanthropy. And that’s me – just over here trying to improve the world for young women. 
Are you as surprised as I was to hear that $12 trillion could be added to the global GDP by 2025 by advancing women’s equality?  And that women and girls are more likely to envision themselves in leadership roles if they have access to female role models.  
I truly believe that WE all can make a difference. In 2012, I became involved withStep Up  and saw firsthand how beneficial mentorship is for teen girls. Step Up’s curriculum based on self-efficacy provides sharpened skills and access to a broader community, leaving teen girls ready to become the next generation of leaders. 


Have I inspired you? I’m inviting you to join me in changing girls’ lives. Step Up has a model that cares for its teens holistically. This means they aren’t just going to give a sophomore a seminar about attending college and wish them the best. Their goal? To provide long-lasting skills and resources that will propel girls (and those who identify with girlhood) to define their ideal destination and get there - whatever that destination may be.
Are you ready? Whether it be through spreading the word (@stepupwomensnetwork on Instagram), volunteering your time (see what works with your schedule at, or joining as a member (, you too can make an impact. 


When you give $99 a year, you increase equitable access to safe and brave mentorship environments where all girls can thrive – and, giving at this level or higher makes you a Step Up member! Donate more to become a luminary member like me and you'll underwrite one semester of after-school career exploration and mentorship programming for one teen girl to access meaningful mentoring relationships that will guide them towards their unique goals: first by identifying those goals and then, in building the roadmap to get there.


Through structured programs, focused support, and inspiring connections, Step Up's mission is to help girls define and achieve their unique visions of success.


Not only do you have the chance to help teen girls, but you also get to meet, socialize and learn from other professional women through various events. It's awesome!

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