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Media Trainer Alison Deyette wearing orange and white dress in photo

Captivate Your Audience:
Media Training for Celebrities, Influencers and On-Air Personalities

My celebrity and influencer media training is designed to empower you to thrive in any media situation.  Whether you're a rising star or a seasoned personality, I'll equip you with the skills and confidence to:


  • Master Interview Techniques: From crafting compelling narratives to handling tough questions with poise, I'll polish your interview skills to perfection.

  • Amplify Your Brand: Learn how to control your message, build a captivating media persona, and leverage your platform to connect with fans and secure brand partnerships.

  • Navigate the Media Landscape: I'll guide you through the ever-evolving media landscape, ensuring you feel confident and prepared for any interview format, from red carpets to podcasts to media tours.

Behind the Scenes Expertise:

My extensive experience interviewing A-list celebrities (think Ryan Gosling and Jessica Chastain!). I leverage this unique insider knowledge to tailor your training, ensuring you develop a media presence that's authentically you. With over 400+ celebrity interviews under my belt, hundreds of brand partnerships, and thousands of hours on camera (and still regularly appearing on TV) I offer unique insights into building a media profile that remains true to the celebrity's essence.


Enhancing Brand Representation:

For agents, publicists, brands, and the faces they represent, my training is an invaluable tool. I refine how celebrities embody and promote brand products, ensuring that every interview and public appearance reinforces the brand's message and values.


TV & Digital Series Hosting Training:

When hosting a TV show or digital series is new to you, I cover everything from teleprompter proficiency to leading a show with confidence, ensuring your delivery is as compelling as the content you present. I empower you to create genuine connections with guests, contributors, or judges making every interaction resonate with viewers.


We practice techniques designed to draw out the personality of even the most reserved guests, turning shyness into shared stories and awkwardness into engaging dialogue. You’ll learn that the best hosts shine yet strives to make their guests share that spotlight.



  • Master the Teleprompter: Deliver your lines flawlessly and naturally, without the worry of stumbling.

  • Lead with Confidence: Develop strong on-air presence to guide the flow of your show with poise.

  • Unleash the Guest's Story: Learn techniques to draw out engaging conversations and stories from even the most reserved guests.

  • Craft Compelling Dialogue: Turn awkward silences into natural transitions and keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

  • Develop Your Hosting Style: Work with our experienced coaches to refine your on-air persona and discover your unique voice.


Amplifying Brand Voices Through Celebrity Partnerships:

We understand the nuances of celebrity endorsements and the importance of promoting products in a way that's both genuine and engaging. I bring a wealth of experience as an on-air spokesperson and brand strategist, helping brands shape their narrative and craft content that captures attention. My expertise extends to creating compelling integrations that make your message an integral part of the conversation.


A Portfolio of Collaborative Success:

My collaboration extends to industry giants like Amazon, The Home Depot, Playtex, and American Express. We've also partnered with lifestyle titans like, Michaels, and Sun Chips, as well as beauty and fashion leaders such as Perricone MD, TJ Maxx, JCPenney, and Bloomingdale’s, not to mention my work with tech and food sectors through Nintendo and Kraft. My diverse experience ensures we can cater to the unique demands and aspirations of any brand.


Insider Insights for Compelling Narratives:

With an acute understanding of your goals and the expectations of journalists, interviewers, and fans, we excel in aligning your public persona with audience anticipation. My expertise ensures your message not only reaches its target but resonates profoundly.


Confidence and Authenticity in Communication:

I empower you to convey your thoughts with a mix of precision and spontaneity, mastering the art of "conversational style" interviews that captivate and charm. It's about making every word count in the most genuine way possible.


Strategic and Streamlined Training:

My methods are direct, efficient, and finely tuned to the pulse of contemporary media and audiences. We bypass the superfluous to focus on fostering a media presence that delivers tangible impact.


(We understand your time is valuable. That's why our media training is designed to be efficient and results oriented. We stay ahead of the curve on media trends and tailor our training to maximize your impact with today's audiences. We bypass unnecessary exercises and focus on the essential skills that will help you excel in any media situation.)


My mission is to help you and the talents you represent to not just shine but sparkle in the spotlight of brand storytelling.



Do you media train actors for press junkets and media press tours?


Yes, we specialize in media training for actors preparing for junkets and press tours. Our focused coaching equips you to navigate the demanding pace of back-to-back interviews with poise and confidence. We work closely with you to develop comfortable responses that highlight your latest projects compellingly and authentically. Our aim is to ensure that when the lights go up and the cameras roll, you’re not just ready, but excited to share your passion and connect with your audience, all while maintaining the positive messaging that will draw attention to your work.


How can media training benefit the celebrities & influencers we represent?


Media training can transform a celebrity's interaction with the press and public into opportunities to amplify their personal brand and message. With my background of conducting over 400+ interviews with A-listers like Zoe Saldana, Scarlett Johansson, and Elizabeth Banks, I bring a wealth of real-world experience to each session. This isn’t just about answering questions and wearing a stylish outfit; it’s about crafting a narrative that showcases the celebrity's unique character, aligns with their values, and resonates with audiences. Whether it’s for press junkets, media interviews, or brand partnerships, my tailored approach, rooted in authenticity, prepares them to handle any interview scenario with confidence. I draw on this extensive expertise to equip clients not only for the present but also to lay a foundation for sustained impact in their careers.


Do you media train celebrities for brand partnerships?


We provide media training specifically tailored for celebrities, influencers, and on-air personalities to thrive in brand partnerships. Our training focuses on creating authentic stories that resonate with audiences and feel natural. We help you articulate the value of a brand in a way that aligns with your personal narrative and public image, ensuring that the partnership is mutually beneficial and engaging. Our goal is to equip you with the skills to forge connections that not only promote a product but also enhance your own brand by speaking in a voice that is distinctly your own.


How do you ensure the privacy of celebrities' information during media training sessions?


We understand that each client's privacy concerns may vary, so we tailor our training programs accordingly. We focus on strategies to effectively manage media interactions while safeguarding personal information and addressing potential privacy risks. We are accustomed to signing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) when asked by representatives.


What separates you from the rest of the media training crowd?


What sets me apart is my commitment to personalized media training. I recognize that a corporate executive's needs differ vastly from those of a celebrity. Each client receives customized training designed to complement their unique strengths, project requirements, and personal ambitions. My extensive experience across TV, digital, and print—as a journalist, subject-matter expert, and on-air host—provides me with a broad perspective that keeps my training current and relevant, as evidenced by my ongoing TV appearances and contributions to various publications. This isn't just about media training; it's about crafting a narrative that's as dynamic and multifaceted as the clients I serve.


How can I develop my own media style that isn't a cheap copy of someone else?


Developing your unique media style is about tapping into what makes you, you. It’s a deep dive into your personal brand, values, and the stories you want to tell. Through my media training, we’ll explore your individuality, tease out your distinct voice, and refine how you present yourself. This isn’t about imitation; it's about cultivating an authentic presence that's compelling and true to who you are.



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