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Media Training

Clear | Concise | Confident | Comfortable 


With more than twenty years of experience, Alison will help craft and elevate your personal or professional brand strategy, hone your style and delivery, while enhancing the value and impact of every on-air appearance, live event, speaking engagement or media opportunity. Alison’s method will transform you into a confident and focused speaker and personality, ready to share your message with the world! 


Public speaking ranks at the very top of the list of the biggest fears most people have… alongside a fear of heights and bugs. While Alison can’t cure your fear of spiders or tall buildings, she can remove the dread that comes with speaking in front of an audience or being on camera.  


Alison has provided media training, on-camera coaching and brand strategy to CEOs, executives, NBA and NFL athletes, entrepreneurs, technology inventors, doctors, small business owners, actors, and on-air experts in a variety of fields. 


SPECIALTIES: media training, on-camera coaching, interview preparation, on-air appearances, presentations, public speaking, teleprompter, QVC and HSN shopping presenters, and brand strategy. 


Alison works with you on what you say, how you say it and how you look and carry yourself. Through her engaging, one-on-one consultation, Alison trains you to be confident, articulate and likable, whether speaking to a crowd of people, talking to the press, or even chatting with Oprah (which Alison has done on multiple occasions on Oprah's show). Whether you’re appearing on camera as a host or expert, on the radio, in a sales video, at a speaking engagement or being interviewed for digital or print publications, Alison will get you ready for any scenario and have you knocking them out with your ease and expertise. 


Alison has devised her training and coaching methods to help anyone accomplish their main media goals. She’ll provide a customized approach to both message development and media training, analyzing both the media landscape and potential media opportunities to find the best possible approach to success. She’ll teach you the critical elements of any appearance or interview, then help you shape your media message, build confidence AND sound bites, learn on-camera and personal appearance skills and own your expertise.


Her customized group training has included groups of athletes, sales teams, company founders to brand experts.

Below is just a sampling of what’s possible! 


  • Understand what to expect for any upcoming appearance - from start to finish - including little-known tips and tricks to make you look like a pro. Alison will walk you through what to expect and prepare for, as well as how to go with the flow and ensure your message comes out on top. 

  • Look and sound comfortable, confident and relaxed on camera, with good eye contact and the right intonation, so that you come across like an expert – and an interesting one – no matter the subject matter or the situation. 

  • Shape a succinct, clear and memorable 30-second message… no matter how complicated your topic might be. Your key messages should be original, easily understood and focused on your audience and the benefits of what you’re sharing. 

  • Create sound bites for each important element, and then deliver them in an interview, so your main messages get quoted every time. 

  • Answer questions in a focused, strategic manner... so that you’re always in control and never caught off guard without the right response. 

  • Practice using mock interviews - including on-camera recording and playback - so that you can instantly review the positive and negative elements of your interviews and improve your abilities quickly. 

  • Teleprompter tutorial.

  • Learn simple improv techniques to stay aware, alert and be able to act quickly.

  • Image consultation on your appearance, wardrobe and body language - learn how your first impression is key and understand what your style or body position is saying… and how it may be getting in the way of your message. 

  • Social media is a key aspect of every opportunity – learn how to promote and support your appearance or brand and engage with your audience. 

  • Follow-up after appearances for review and feedback… and even more! 

Our sessions help transform you into a confident expert with the ability to stay on message.



How do I book?

Just email or text with your details and a bit of background. We'll schedule a brief call to fully understand what you're trying to achieve. We'll email you back with more details and a quote so you've got everything you need to make a decision.

Can you coach online?

Yes, I regularly media train clients via Zoom or the virtual service of your choice and can record for playback and notes review. Get in touch for more details.

Do you work worldwide?

Yes. While my base is in Los Angeles, I have media trained people in other locations and remotely to a variety of locations around the US and outside the country. Get in touch so we can discuss your requirements and come up with the best solution for your needs.


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