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image of media trainer Alison Deyette at her desk.

Media Training

Clear, Concise, Confident & Comfortable 


In today’s media-driven world, your voice is not just heard; it's seen, shared, and scrutinized. Whether you're addressing a camera, a crowd, or a conference room, the way you present yourself can make all the difference. That’s where our media training services come in. I turn public speaking anxiety into speaking triumph! I work with all levels from newbies to seasoned individuals and groups.


SPECIALTIES: media training, on-camera coaching, interview preparation, on-air appearances, public speaking and presentation skills, teleprompter, QVC and HSN shopping presenters, and brand strategy development. 

Media Training Services & Packages:
  • Media Training: Learn how to navigate the complexities of media interaction with confidence. For media appearances including TV, podcasts, radio, online and print publications.

  • On-Camera Coaching: Turn camera presence into a professional advantage with personalized coaching.

  • Interactive Coaching: Whether in-person or online, we focus on enhancing your presentation skills, which covers body language, vocal delivery, eye contact, and narrative crafting for impactful communication.

  • Speaking Engagement Preparation: Master the art of public speaking for events, large and small.

  • Image Consulting: Create a public image that is authentic and appealing.

  • Interview and Brand Strategy: Develop a narrative that supports your brand's message in every interaction.

  • Personalized Consultation: Whether you're a CEO, an athlete, or an expert, we tailor our sessions to fit your unique needs and goals.

  • Real-World Simulations: You'll practice with simulations of news segments, talk shows, interviews, hosting, and other scenarios to enhance your interactive dialogue skills.

  • Optional Teleprompter Training: Available for in-person sessions, this training prepares you to smoothly deliver your message in a range of contexts.

  • Professional Development: We assist in creating a professional bio and provide guidance for media appearance reel edits.

  • Communication Refinement: We help you perfect your key phrases and statements for clear, concise, and strong messaging.

  • Strategic Planning: Together, we’ll develop a list of media targets and potential brand partnerships to align with your career goals.

Clientele (Who Needs Media Training):

We empower a diverse range of professionals including CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, on-air personalities, actors, doctors, DJs and experts. Whether you’re preparing for:

  • Television appearances

  • Video series

  • Live interviews

  • Podcasts

  • Public speaking engagements

  • Hosting a show or digital series

  • Part of a panel

  • TV & Digital Shopping Shows


The Deyette Media Method:

My approach is to be direct and honest but ensure that our clients enjoy learning how to be clear, concise, comfortable, and confident. We work with clients to build awareness around their strengths and blind spots so that they deliver a message that’s genuine, authentic, and valuable.


My tailored is flexible and client-centered, offering one-on-one sessions both in person and remotely, as well as group sessions for organizations and teams. I focus on your specific needs and projects to deliver targeted, effective training.


Why Alison Deyette?

Proven Track Record:

A background of over 25 years in journalism as an editor and writer on national publications, interviews with over 400 celebrities including Ryan Gosling, Jessica Chastain and Thandie Newton, director of photo shoots both in the US and internationally, host of national TV programs and award-winning digital series, along with behind-the-scenes expertise in producing and scripting segments. Speaking engagements for companies like AXA Financial, HBO Max, Bear Stearns, and TJ Maxx. Co-host and expert on QVC and HSN for over 12 years working with products in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and tech. And during that time working alongside hundreds of well-known brands like Amazon, The Home Depot, MadeGood, Venus, Perricone MD, and Hanes and 11 years of media training clients to represent themselves, their brand or company.

Addressing Your Needs:

Do you feel the dread of stage fright? The nervous anticipation before an interview? Or “Racing Brain Syndrome” when your mind and mouth aren’t in sync? I understand these challenges. You are not alone.


We’re Here to Help You:

  • Clarity, Confidence, and Competence

       Experience seamless conversational style interviews that flow naturally and connect authentically. My team             and I work to ensure your message is clear, your delivery confident, and your presence competent, making             every conversation feel just right.


Learn More about Media Training (What We Help With)
  •   Diminish Nerves

         Replace anxiety with assurance.

  • Preserved Authenticity:

       Be yourself – the individual who's made it this far. My media training emphasizes keeping your unique voice             front and center, ensuring that your personality shines through in every interaction, making your delivery                   appear effortless and your message natural.


  • Speak with Eloquence:

       Sharpen your speaking skills to captivate your audience. Memorizing your message doesn’t cut it. 

  • Present with Power:

       Polishing your key phrases and statements for succinct and powerful communication. And if you happen to             litter your language with ‘umms’ and ‘uhhs’ we’ll work on that too.

  • Audience Assurance:

       Your audience deserves transparent and convincing interactions. I train you to conduct interviews that are               transparent and resonant, ensuring the audience feels informed and engaged, never cheated.


  • Master Your Image:

       Control how you are perceived, from the boardroom to the broadcast. Enhanced ease and self-assurance               across all media platforms, from television and print to radio and podcasts.


  • Synergistic Communication:

       Find the sweet spot between a journalist’s inquiry and your narrative. I guide you to navigate interviews with             finesse, aligning your objectives with media interests while sidestepping common communication pitfalls.               You’ll learn about the polite pivot.


  • Overall:

        Hone your presentation skills, including mastering body language, vocal delivery, making eye contact, and              crafting compelling narratives.


Our Commitment:

It's not magic; it's mastery. With a blend of technique, strategy, and a touch of swagger, I will help you engage your audience, and not just meet but exceed your communication goals.


Let's Collaborate:

Ready to turn your communication apprehension into your professional superpower? Let’s make waves, together.


How do I book?


Just email your details and a bit of background. We'll schedule a 15-minute call to fully understand what you're trying to achieve. We'll email you details and a proposal so you've got everything you need to start working with Alison and become a confident communicator.

Do you media train clients virtually?


I regularly media train clients via Zoom and can record for playback and notes review. Get in touch for more details.

Do you work with clients worldwide?


While my base is in Los Angeles, I media train people remotely to a variety of locations around the US and outside the country. Get in touch so we can discuss your requirements and determine the best solution for your media training and brand strategy needs. 

How can I get better at on-camera presentations?


Training with a seasoned on-camera coach, like me, can improve your on-camera technique, control nerves, and teach you to be dynamic and engaging in front of the camera. I have over 20 years of experience hosting and co-hosting national TV shows, appearing regularly on national programs like Kelly Clarkson Show, Extra, The View, GMA, Today and morning new programs. I’ve worked behind the scenes producing, directing, and scripting segments and working alongside production teams.

I'm comfortable in my day-to-day interactions, but why do I freeze up during interviews and public speaking?


It's common to feel in control during familiar interactions and then face anxiety in high-stakes environments. My media training is designed to bridge that gap, equipping you with strategies to maintain composure and clarity, no matter the pressure. We transform anxiety into assurance.


I'm not a natural speaker. Can media training still help me?


Absolutely, media training can help immensely. It’s not just about natural flair; it’s about learning the right techniques and building confidence. Stepping on a stage or giving an interview can quicken your heartbeat even for people who do it regularly. I’ve spoken in front of audiences as big as 7,000 people and others as small as 25, and TV cameras that reach millions knowing that each holds a different energy and way of communicating. My training is designed to bring out your best, equipping you with skills to communicate effectively and connect with your audience, no matter where you start. Everyone has a unique voice worth hearing, and I’m here to help you find and refine yours.


How will media training help me stand out in a crowded marketplace?

Media training sharpens your message and polishes your delivery, turning your words into memorable touchpoints with your audience. It’s about distinction—ensuring you’re not just another voice but a resonant presence that captures attention. I equip you with the techniques to communicate your value clearly, ensuring you leave a lasting impression in any marketplace.


What are some common mistakes people make during media interviews?

During media interviews, some common slip-ups include not being fully prepared, missing a clear message, and letting nerves get in the way of effective communication. People often overlook the power of a well-told story and may not engage the audience with their responses. Also, failing to anticipate tough questions can lead to less-than-ideal reactions. My media training focuses on these areas, ensuring you’re ready to handle every aspect of the interview with confidence, deliver your messages with impact, and connect with your audience.


Can media training help me improve my social media presence?


Certainly! Media training isn't just for traditional media—it's a game changer for your social media presence too. It helps you create a consistent and engaging persona, refine your messaging, and communicate with your followers more effectively. With the right training, you can deliver content that resonates, foster stronger connections, and build a more impactful online presence.


How can I measure the success of my media training?


You’ll see the success of your media training in the clarity and confidence of your communication. It's in the engaging interviews you deliver, the compelling stories you share, and the positive feedback you receive from your audience, colleagues and even friends. Measuring success can be as straightforward as feeling more at ease in front of a camera or noticing a stronger connection with your audience. With each interaction, you’ll find your voice growing stronger and your message spreading further.


Do you offer media training for specific industries (e.g., entertainment, sports, corporate, beauty, fashion)?


My media training services cater to a wide array of industries including entertainment, sports, corporate sectors, as well as the beauty and fashion realms. The diversity of our clientele—from CEOs and entrepreneurs to athletes and doctors to creatives like actors, on-air personalities and designers—is our strength. This breadth allows us to offer tailored strategies that address the various challenges and opportunities within your specific field. We thrive on expanding our expertise alongside yours, ensuring your message resonates no matter your audience.


What happens if I get a question, I don't know the answer to during an interview?


It happens to the best—getting a curveball question during an interview. The key is not to let it throw you off. A good strategy is to pivot gracefully. Acknowledge the question, maybe share what you do know, and use it as a segue to steer back to your strengths or key points. Media training can equip you with techniques to navigate these moments smoothly, maintaining your composure and confidence throughout.


How can I develop a strong personal brand through media appearances?


Developing a strong personal brand in the media is all about consistency and authenticity. Show up as the best version of yourself, stick to your values, and speak passionately about what you believe in. My media training, backed by extensive experience, will help you harness your strengths and craft a narrative that’s undeniably yours. We’ll work together to ensure that each interview showcases not just what you do, but who you are, solidifying your personal brand with each appearance.


What technology do you use for remote media training sessions?


I use Zoom for virtual meetings, Loom for video tutorials and PowerPoint for presentations during media training sessions.


How much time does a typical media training session take?

We retain clients for a minimum of 3-4 hours per individual which can be broken into multiple trainings, along with half-day and full-day options available for one-on-ones and groups. We curate the preparation, presentation, content and training to the individual, group, or company.

What are the next steps after I schedule a consultation?


If you’ve chosen a 15-minute free consultation call it’s important to come prepared with and share:

  •  List of Goals: Outline what you want to achieve with media training, such as improved interview skills, better on-camera presence, or refined public speaking.

  • Previous Experiences: Any past media appearances, speaking engagements, or relevant interactions that can help assess your current level.

  • Key Messages: If you have key messages or a mission statement, share these to understand your core communication needs.

  • Target Audience: Who you wish to reach through your media interactions.

  • Challenges: Specific areas you feel need improvement, such as dealing with nerves, message clarity, or engaging an audience.

  • Questions: Prepare any questions you have about the media training process, methodologies, or outcomes.

  • Availability: Your availability for training sessions to start planning a potential schedule.

  • Examples of Work: Any recordings of past interviews or presentations, if available, for a practical assessment.



Read some of our client testimonials.

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