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Photo of TV Host and Style Expert Alison Deyette

Image & Styling Services

Style Expert | TV Host | Image Consultant

Alison Deyette has been named one of the top stylists in Los Angeles by  Variety, WWD,  Angeleno  and Modern Luxury magazines. She works with clients in Southern California, New York, and other cities across the country. As a TV + digital host and style expert  (Today,  Good Morning America,  Access Hollywood,  The View,  The Kelly Clarkson Show, 10 Years Younger, How Do  I Look?) Alison has helped kick-start the new look of hundreds of women and men and worked with people of all sizes and shapes — from petite to tall, slender to plus-size. As a stylist and fashion director, Alison has styled and directed photoshoots all over the world with models, celebrities and real women for a variety of magazines, including  Good Housekeeping,  People StyleWatch, Woman’s Day,  Mode, Ocean Drive, Real Beauty, Essence, Mexican Vogue  and  Fitness.  With Alison’s guidance, you can discover or enhance YOUR individual look, build your confidence and step up your style! 


Styling Services/Los Angeles Stylist 
Don’t love shopping or just need some help? Looking for new wardrobe items to build your confidence? Have a specific event or invite that doesn’t match up with anything in your closet? I can help define your style and build your wardrobe selections. I’ll scout out the pieces you need at the best prices, unearth those special finds, and show you how it all works together. I’ll assess everything – your lifestyle, body type, age and budget – to make sure you get the best looks for you. I can also create virtual shoppable style boards.


Image Consultant
Do you stand in front of your closet full of clothes and claim you have nothing to wear? We get it. You’re not alone. You need a fresh set of eyes… and that’s where I come in. As an LA style expert, I’ll review your wardrobe and help decide what goes, stays or could use some tweaking to maximize your investments. I’ll help create your own individual “brand”, find great looks from what’s in your closet already, photograph it for easy recall and create a shopping list of what you’ll need to help build your stylish wardrobe. 



People Are Talking about Stylist Alison Deyette… 

"Meeting brilliant go-to image consultant Alison was one of the best things to happen to me and my sis! From the moment we met her ray of sunshine energy, we just clicked We had the pleasure of working with Alison to revamp our wardrobe and embrace our individual styles. When Alison worked her fashion magic on us, it boosted our confidence and made us feel empowered. Her passion for style was only matched by her determination to bring out the best in us, not only as twins but as individuals. The best part? Alison made the wardrobe experience so easy and fun." - Lelia Grigore |Grigore Twins Realtors

"Working with Alison was a fantastic experience! I needed a range of clothes for work meetings, day and evening events, and more. Alison is a total pro: an excellent listener, responsive, reliable, and has a great eye. She assessed my current wardrobe with efficient and admirable expertise, found items to supplement and reimagine what I already have, and delighted me with options that both aligned with what I was looking for and surprised/pushed me in good ways (and introduced me to designers and stores I had not previously considered). She stayed well within the price ranges/budget we had established while still making me feel like $1MM. If you find yourself without the time and talent to assemble the wardrobe you need or want to discover new ways to style what you have, you should reach out to Alison ASAP! She also makes the whole process fun. I look forward to continuing to work with her." - Stacey Lieberman | President/CEO of Library Foundation of Los Angeles

“Alison is a stylist who knows the trends but isn’t a slave to them. You won’t look like every other girl on the red carpet, you’ll be the best version of you!” 

— Emily Bergl | Actress, Shameless,  The Good Wife,  Desperate Housewives

“For a long time, I had been feeling very frustrated that between kids and work, my style had degenerated and could best be described as “14-year-old skater boy.”   It was jeans, t-shirts and Vans sneakers.   My husband heard my complaints and for Christmas, he surprised me with a gift card for a styling session with Alison.  It was the BEST gift I have ever gotten.  Alison came over and went through my closet, piece by piece.  With anyone else, this would have been torture for me.  But Alison is so warm and friendly and just fun — we had a great time.  It was so satisfying to purge my closet of clothes I had not worn for years.  But even better — Alison showed me how to wear clothes in my closet that I was not wearing for one reason or another.   She brought pieces back to life by showing me how to accessorize them or where to make slight alterations.   Suddenly I had a whole new wardrobe and it was all mine.  When we were done going through my closet, Alison went out and bought me some clothes and accessories.  SHE DID IT FOR ME.   Even though this sounds like an indulgence, Alison did not go to super spendy boutiques – she was completely respectful of my budget.   She brought the clothes back to my house and I tried things on, and she took away what didn’t work.  Then we went through my new wardrobe and she put together outfits for me, photographed them and put together a lookbook for me.  Now, I have a closet that is not busting at the seams, and everything I do have, I wear. I look like an adult now, instead of a neglected 8th-grade skate rat.  I am so incredibly grateful that my husband found Alison.   I got so much out of our time together. And one last thing — Alison is so incredibly professional.  She follows through on EVERYTHING.  No reminders needed.  If she says she is going to do it, she does it.  Promptly.  Even the gift card she gave my husband to give to me was on point. Trust me, hiring Alison will make your life better.” 

—Amanda Lasher | Executive Producer of The Bold Type (Freeform), Sweet/Vicious (MTV), Consulting Producer & Writer, Togetherness (HBO) and C0-Executive Producer of Gossip Girl 


“I can’t thank you enough for hooking me up with Alison. She was absolutely wonderful. It’s 11:15 on a school night and she just now left my apartment, culminating two full days of a complete Jenna overhaul. She came over, went through every article of clothing I have, took copious notes, took pictures, took me shopping to about 10 different stores…mixing, matching, putting up with my lack of knowledge, lack of style, lack of taste and still somehow managing to turn me into a mini fashionista. We found about 12 outfits, but with all the different accessories, and the mixing and matching and the different shoes, I have about 25 outfits. I feel really, really good about my living room floor right now (where all my clothes are currently laid out). She was fantastic! Thank you! I only wish we had done it as a shoot, because I honestly feel like I learned so much and our audience could, too. Since I could always use more clothes, I’m thinking maybe we could do a seasonal shopping spree with Alison? It would be informative (her part) and hilarious (that’s where I come in).” 

—Jenna Wolfe | TODAY  Weekend Host & NBC National Correspondent 


“I’m 6’5 and have always detested fashion since things are often too short, too wide or ill-fitting. Alison changed all that by opening my eyes to proper sizing, cuts and lengths—as well as knowing the best brands which fit me best. Thanks to her wardrobe styling expertise, I’m now as passionate about fashion as I am my own career in interior design. I believe I stand even taller with the boost of confidence she’s given me.” 

—Brian Patrick Flynn | HGTV TV Host; Interior Designer 


“My husband and I have both had the pleasure of working with Alison. She is thoughtful, creative, insightful and nimble. She quickly and cleverly discerns your sensibility and style, then gently nudges you out of your comfort zone to think outside of the fashion “box” you’ve been in.  But she never pushes you to places you really aren’t comfortable. She is an original thinker and never makes choices just because it’s what everyone else is wearing.  She was our go-to guru for both the TV upfronts and the Emmy’s and hit both out of the park for us!  Thank you, Alison!!” 

—Stephanie & Rasha Drachkovitch | Co-Owners of 44 Blue Productions, Executive Producers of  Wahlburgers, Lock Up, Donny Loves Jenny, Nightwatch


"Alison really listened to what I wanted and understood my hopes for my new personal branding and executed it with speed and patience. The fitting was a joy. The pieces she purchased for my review were fantastic. I would absolutely recommend her services for any professional that requires help in styling." - Steve Oyoung, Actor, Spiderman, Terminator: Dark Fate, For All Mankind

"Alison is great - my husband and I have both used her for styling, and we've gotten complete wardrobe makeovers. She was sensitive to my budget and taste but also introduced me to some new types of items that I probably would not have thought to try on myself. Overall, it was a great experience!" Marissa Levi | Business Operations

“Fashion expert Alison Deyette is truly the “real deal” and the best of the best when it comes to helping you look and feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. On photoshoots, I have had the pleasure of watching Alison perform literal fashion “magic” on multitudes of real women, models, and celebrities alike and, she never ceases to amaze me. Her passion and enthusiasm are obvious and the care she takes with listening to her client’s needs is refreshing and appreciated. Alison’s level of knowledge is immediately apparent, but I am most impressed by how easily she can take a few random pieces and make you look FABULOUS! She sees your potential and eventually you get to see what she sees. Such a fun experience and a gift at the same time. I cannot say enough about Alison and recommend her highly!”

 —Robin Schoen | Make-up Artist 


“If you’re looking for a stylist, but still want to feel comfortable (and actually enjoy the experience!), contact Alison. Even on her first visit to scope out my closet, I felt like my longtime friend had just popped by for some girl talk and fashion inspiration. She made me feel so confident about the pieces I already had (a miracle!) and excited about some new ways of pairing things together that I would have never thought of. Every time I wear an ‘Alison outfit,’ I receive many compliments. But even more importantly, I FEEL amazing inside too. My favorite part of working with Alison is just getting the final tips on how to style and wear everything- how to roll the sleeves, wear the belt, layer the jewelry, etc. She will literally make you look – and feel – like a true star.”

 —Alissa Zito | VP of Public Relations for non-profit Step Up 


“Alison is one of my favorite ‘finds’!  She not only listens to what you want and understands your personal style, but she also opens your eyes to new things.  I now wear some items I never thought I could wear.  Working with her, I know she always steers me in the right direction.  She’s made getting dressed actually fun!  Alison is very professional, thorough, and efficient – she updated my wardrobe, found outfits for a formal awards show on short notice, and even helped me design a new walk-in closet.  She’s really a master of all things style, fashion or home, and I will continue to come back to her.  She’s also fun to follow on social media, where she offers tips, tricks and advice!” 

—Jenny Belcher | Executive  Director  at ABC Network 


“Alison is truly a style guru, not only for her fashion intuition but for her ability to inspire you to embrace your inner fashionista! She helped me take my existing wardrobe to another level by simply adding a few new pieces and making me realize how much versatility there is behind every item. She encouraged me to take on a new perspective while being true to my likes. It’s not only inspiring to watch her work her magic, but her genuine enthusiasm makes for a fun time!” 

—Kimberly Hurtarte | Advancement Associate for Music for Relief 


“I really enjoyed shopping with Alison. She quickly understood my budget and styling needs and created a great wardrobe that I could use immediately for the summer months and years to come. I received numerous compliments at work and social situations. She has an excellent eye for knowing what fits well and looks stylish. Furthermore, Alison provided ongoing styling advice and suggestions over the phone. It’s great knowing that I have somebody to bounce ideas off of when needed.” 

—Janaka Goonaseker | Software Engineer, Aerospace company in LA 


“Alison is wonderful.  I work in a conservative industry and needed help to spice up my wardrobe without going too edgy.  Alison took the time to go through my wardrobe, and, more importantly really listen to what I wanted to accomplish. She is fun and encouraging but remains objective when the clothing is “on” – whether it works or if it doesn’t.  Additionally, Alison’s help has saved me time and money by avoiding wardrobe mistakes. Recently, she helped pull together outfits for a global executive meeting I was attending.  I couldn’t have been happier with the results!  The new pieces to my wardrobe boosted my confidence during the event.” 

—Holly Klotz | Senior Staffing Specialist 


“I hate shopping for clothes and don’t follow fashion, so my wardrobe was pretty blah.  Alison was nothing short of amazing.  She is so positive and has great energy, and she had to work really hard to get me out of my comfort zone.  But she did it and the results were nothing short of miraculous. She purged my closet of things that were “absolutely not” and told me what needed to be tailored.  Organized everything so it was simple to follow her instructions about what worked with what.  My favorite part…. shopping in my family room. She arrived with so many beautiful and fun items and I tried them on in comfort.  The wardrobe I ended up with is so completely different from where I started, and it looks great every day.  Started getting compliments right away and still do!  Starting a new job on Monday and thanks to Alison, I am wardrobe ready!”

 – Gaynor Rabin | Executive 


“I had not been shopping for years due to overwork and reinvesting all my money into my business. Add to that a broken ankle and weight gain because of it and I had NOTHING to wear. All my cute clothes no longer fit, and I was in denial of the fact that I have to buy bigger sizes now. Shopping for clothes became something I HATED. Alison understood me perfectly – she not only got my style right away, but she was also able to make the process of trying on clothes fun again. Since I wasn’t the one pulling things off the rack, I didn’t even pay attention to the size listed on the label. All I know is that I walked away with a bunch of cute pieces that make me feel happy to be seen. I finally feel comfortable in more than just my yoga pants!”

– Emily Grace | Actress and  Acting School Founder 


“My experience working with Alison Deyette was wonderful.  I was headed into September with several important events to go to and was already anxious as shopping always takes so much time and can be so stressful.  Alison responded promptly to my inquiry to her and followed up with an extensive questionnaire, which clearly, she read.  I also made her a Pinterest board and could tell by the clothes she chose for me, she had gone over it and really understood my point of view, she GOT me. She chose some wonderful clothes for me. Classic pieces I am able to wear far beyond the events they were chosen for. We planned out and photographed the outfits for each of the events.  She also helped my husband who was attending these events with some killer shirts and ties, not to mention she found him the absolute best jeans that he looks amazing in. I went into the holiday season confident and not overwhelmed.  I wish I had met her years ago.  I’ll be back.”

—Rose Grakal | Therapist 

"It was great working with Alison! She thoroughly evaluated my current closet and took notes on my desired clothing style. She chose many great pieces, some that I would not have chosen for myself, but actually LOVED. I would highly recommend her if you need assistance with upgrading your wardrobe!" - Dr. Aisha Franklin, Physician 

“I tend to gravitate to very eclectic, one-of-a-kind clothing and sometimes find it hard to integrate the pieces I take home into my wardrobe. Alison was able to look through my closet and artfully pair my clothing in an ultra-stylish and unexpected way. She really thought out of the box and created looks for me that really stand out. It was more than I could ask for. Alison truly brings back the element of fun and excitement into deciding what to wear. She’s like a tour guide in your closet making you ooh and aah and see your clothes as you’ve never seen them before. I highly recommend her services. She can breathe life into anyone’s wardrobes!” 

—Valerie Harvey | Makeup Artist 


“I had such an amazing experience with Alison.  I’m an entrepreneur and a mom.  I was getting ready to shoot the videos for my first product and Alison styled me for the entire shoot.  She is extremely creative and talented.  She picked clothes that were in alignment with my brand.  She also picked pieces that I never would have picked, but once I put them on, they worked and looked perfect.  Alison did all of the shopping and came to my house, which was awesome because it saved me time.  I was able to work and get things done while she was shopping for me.  Styling is an art and it takes a special eye.  Alison has it!  I highly recommend her and will use her again in the future.”

– Elaine Zlaket | Entrepreneur 


“So grateful to Alison!  Having released over 100 pounds from my body, I wasn’t sure what clothes looked good on me or how they should fit.  Alison was so supportive and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire afternoon.  Since our consultation, I’ve felt so much more confident in what I am wearing and getting compliments daily on how good I look.  The changes weren’t huge, so I still look and feel like me – a belt here, swapping out a skirt for pants, and trying out a few items I hadn’t considered before – but the change in my attitude with a little extra styling has made a huge happy difference!  I finally feel great in my new body and look forward to going shopping – something I’ve never said before in my life!  Spending time with Alison is a life-changing experience!” 

—Kelly Hallock | Director for a Non-Profit 


“I had so much fun shopping!  She quickly understood my current “style” (or lack thereof) and then took me to several stores where she snapped up clothes that pushed my boundaries in a fun and stylish way.  I loved all the things that I bought on our expedition. When I went into work the following week in a head-to-toe Alison outfit, a co-worker actually asked me if I had been styled!  Hope we can do it again soon.”

 —Lauren Campbell | International Marketing Consultant 


“Alison came into our closets and found outfits we didn’t know we had. It felt like we had just been shopping for new clothes and yet never left our house.  We don’t walk into our closets now and think “I have nothing to wear,” now it’s “I have so many options!”   She put together simple and easy pairings that we can replicate. As well, she wrote up a list of boutiques that design clothes that fit our style.  It was a comprehensive closet makeover. Well worth it!” 

—Tricia O’Kelley | Actress,  The New Adventures of Old Christine  & Adam Rosenblatt,  Co-Founder of H2R Productions 


“Alison is awesome!  Planning my wedding was becoming a full-blown stressful experience, and my dress shopping had hit a dead end.  I turned to Alison for help & her positive attitude & unbelievable style sense had me finally at ease & headed in the right direction to find my dream dress!   Thanks to Alison, I will be stress-free, stylish & stunning on my wedding day!  I totally recommend her if you want the best in styling services.” 

—Deanna Perlmutter | Executive, Nestle Waters 


“I loved my wedding dress, but it was a little heavy to consider wearing all night long. Alison happily & positively demanded I have a wardrobe change/reception dress to dance the night away. She found me a gorgeous Sue Wong dress and connected me to her talented seamstress. I am thankful she found me a dress that complimented my wedding dress and left me with aching feet the next day. Yes, I danced plenty.” 

—Robin Demarco | Actress,  Drop Dead Diva,  All My Children,  Love & Teleportation 


“Right-priced and right on the money!! Alison is amazing. I used to be a fashion guru until I got married. I stopped upgrading my wardrobe and really didn’t put too much emphasis on keeping up with the Kardashian’s until my wife couldn’t take it anymore and insisted I get back in the groove to match my own natural coolness:) I was referred to Alison and I met her for a wardrobe upgrade. She is a miracle worker! Whether you’re on a budget or someone loans you a Platinum AMEX card, she will outfit you with the latest trends and fashions- from head to toe. I cannot say enough about Alison and her eye for detail and fashion. She rocks it and I get new compliments every day on my makeover.”

– Brian E. | Executive 


“I refer to Alison as my “Fashion Guru” because she taught me that fashion can be an expression of who I am and how I feel. Through Alison’s guidance, I no longer stress about what to wear; I make getting dressed a playful exercise in sharing who I am with the world! How great is that?! Thank you, Alison!” 

—Jesse Brune, TV Co-Host, Homemade Simple on OWN, Private Chefs of Beverly Hills on Food Network and Director of 


“Alison is so personable, outgoing and great at styling – which makes getting styled by her a such a positive experience.  She has a vision and works in consultation with you to understand who you are and finds clothing that makes you feel and look good, whether it’s for work or the weekend.”

– Matthew Kershaw | Creative Director of TV & branded production 


“Alison was exactly who I was looking for. I am a busy, busy executive at Gerber Kawasaki Wealth Management and shopping is my worst nightmare (other than flash crashes). She helped me get rid of some old suits and replaced them with beautiful, sleek-looking new suits. Thanks, Alison! Love shopping this way.” 

–Danilo K. | Wealth Management Executive 

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