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What Our Clients
Are Saying

“Alison is an exceptional media trainer both in approach and execution.  We put our clients, including Fortune 500 executives, in her care and without fail she has given them the skills and confidence to succeed in some of the most challenging media environments.  No matter how inexperienced the individual, she passes on the tools needed to handle any interview or presentation with style and aplomb.”  

  • Terri Barnes, Managing Partner, Two B Public Relations

“Before we put any client on TV, we call Alison Deyette.  She's our go-to-person for TV branding and strategy. We rely on her to help our clients figure out all the nuances that only someone like Alison would know because of her own work as a TV personality. Alison coaches clients on messaging, how to stand, talk, move and overall image. We even get counsel from Alison on the right TV shows and news outlets to go after - her relationships with the media is priceless.”

  • Julie Matzen, Founder of Team MayDay Advertising Agency 

“I have worked with Alison Deyette for over 20 years.  As a TV host and on-air spokesperson herself, she knows first-hand how to brand a company or product, deliver a message with confidence and what people need to connect with their audience. Because of these reasons and countless more, I have had Alison work with many of my clients and media train them for corporate and on-air work. Her expertise has been an invaluable resource to me and my clients and I would highly recommend her services.”

  • Leigh Seldin, Senior TV producer and President of CL Productions

"No one delivers message points like Alison!  I've brokered spokesperson deals with Alison for many years and brands consistently marvel at her ability to translate technical info into understandable soundbites all the while remaining genuine and natural. So it only makes sense that she is a go-to source for media training entrepreneurs, experts and executives. Whether you’re looking to up your media savvy game to promote your own biz or you’ve been hired as a spokesperson, Alison is your go-to resource."

  • Deb Durham, CEO of Spokespersons Network

"These days, television interviews can live forever so it is paramount to get them right. I have had the pleasure of working with Alison for fifteen years and I can say she has truly mastered the fine art of delivering messaging in front of the camera. No matter the challenge, Alison goes above and beyond. Her on-air presence is unmatched and she conveys message points with the perfect balance of energy, enthusiasm, and poise. Anyone who is fortunate enough to learn from Alison will perform at their best and most confident during each and every media interview." 

  • Jill Budik, President of Spotlight Media Relations

“Alison Deyette is a true pro in the media training business! Whenever clients are in search of a media trainer I ALWAYS recommend Alison. Not only is she knowledgeable, but she's also actually in the business, working on behalf of brands as a lifestyle expert so she knows what producers/networks are looking for in an interviewer. She helped one of my clients get ready for a "shark tank" ish show on CNBC and they LOVED her! The net-net is that Alison will not disappoint!”

  • Caroline Tanaka, Senior Media Specialist

"If you’re looking for a reliable spokesperson who knows how to deliver messaging on-camera, Alison is the best! I’ve tapped into her for a variety of projects – from red carpets to brand activations – and she knocks it out of the park every time. She always nails the messaging, no matter how technical, and does so in an understandable and natural manner. If you’re looking for someone to make your job easier, Alison is it! Plus, she’s helped our brands craft messaging that appeals to a variety of audiences.”

-       Katie Kotarak, The Brand Amp

“Alison Deyette is one of my favorite people to work with in this business! Not only is she super knowledgeable and creative, she is the nicest and most accommodating. A perfect combination! Her media training services have helped our clients tremendously and her TV segments are always highly impactful for the brands we represent.”

  • Kate Franklin, Public Relations Director, Coast Public Relations

"Alison is amazing, not only as an on-air talent but as a media trainer. I was not fond of getting in front of the camera but with some training from Alison feel much more at ease (which I did not think was possible!). She is lovely to work with, is an expert on educating the public on products and getting the story across and is very patient. She is the best, I  highly recommend her!"

  • Jodi Caden, CEO of Belly Bandit & Proof

"Alison is not only a great spokesperson and media talent, she goes far beyond this to become a true partner to the brand. Alison takes the time and effort to really learn the story behind a brand or product as well as the features and benefits that set it apart. She helps bring this to life not only through her presentation and passion for the brand, but her intimate involvement in development of brand assets and refining of finer points. She is able to pivot to further refine these points for a specific audience or context. Beyond that she is a true pleasure to work with, always positive and going the extra step even in difficult circumstances."

  • Greg Tappan, CEO GBT Consulting

"Absolutely loved working with Alison. She helped my fashion client put together a nine-market broadcast media tour in just two weeks. Her attention to detail and creativity went above and beyond my expectations. Her relationships with the stations and anchors made the segments flow seamlessly and my client was extremely happy with the results. I look forward to future collaborations with Alison."

  • Jamie Werner, VP Communications at DREAMDAY

"Alison is fabulous on air! She knows how to educate the community about a product in a fun and entertaining way. Her approach is energetic but not too bubbly. I wish I could hire her services for all my fashion clients!"

  • Kristyn Wilson, VP at Adept

"I recently acquired a certification from Cornell University to teach diversity, inclusion and equity and looked to Alison's incredible direction for media training. Alison was able to help me hone in on the essence of my DE&I philosophy and translate it into a comprehensible and teachable workshop that I've been able to use as my standard model. She also gave me the most helpful guidance that made me sound more polished and confident delivering my message. Her training was instrumental in helping me navigate the new world of media and public speaking my new career requires of me. On top of all that she is an absolute joy to work with."

  • Valerie Harvey, DEI Consultant, Founder Society of Allies

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