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Media Training That Takes You To The Top

Media Training, Brand Strategy, & On Camera Coaching For CEOs, Celebrities, Athletes, Influencers, Executives, & Entrepreneurs

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Welcome to Alison Deyette Media, where media training meets the mastery of message. Our on camera coaching, public speaking and presentation skills, and brand development strategy are laser-focused on elevating leaders, achievers, and innovators.

Our curated training is crafted for a diverse clientele, including CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes, doctors, executives, experts, influencers, and on-air personalities—dynamic individuals eager to elevate their presence, public speaking and communication skills.

Our clients share a common aspiration: to elevate their narrative and ensure their messages not only reach but also impact their audience. We focus on the essentials of powerful storytelling aligned with robust brand development. It's about enabling you to articulate your vision with confidence and clarity.

Picture yourself conveying your insight with the ease and influence of a natural conversationalist, whether in boardrooms, on stage, or under the studio lights. It’s about connecting, persuading, and inspiring with the kind of media coaching skills that turn talks into memorable experiences.

Our media training goes beyond techniques; it's about discovering your unique voice and delivering with an authenticity that commands attention and influences opinions. From the very beginning, you'll learn to communicate with poise, persuade with precision, and present with unwavering confidence.


Hi, My superpower is helping you communicate with confidence.

As CEO and founder of Alison Deyette Media, I’m passionate about helping you clarify and craft your message for any situation so you can build your presence, your business, and your brand.

For the past 11 years I’ve been media training everybody from CEOs and celebrities to spokespersons, authors, athletes, doctors and entrepreneurs both in person and remotely. 

I’ve got plenty of street cred having hosted & co-hosted national TV shows and digital series reaching millions over the last 25 years and still doing it.  Plus, I’m an expert with all the behind-the-scenes action from scripting, producing, and directing. I’ve created messaging and brand strategy for giants like Amazon, The Home Depot, Playtex, and JCPenney. I spent years as a magazine editor and director in NYC, traveled constantly for photo shoots and still contribute to numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal. The New York Times, and The Washington Post. And I’ve spoken on several stages for companies including HBO, Pepsi, AXA Financial, and TJ Maxx. 


Alison is an exceptional media trainer both in approach and execution.  We put our clients, including Fortune 500 executives, in her care and without fail she has given them the skills and confidence to succeed in some of the most challenging media environments.  No matter how inexperienced the individual, she passes on the tools needed to handle any interview or presentation with style and aplomb. 

- Terri Barnes

Managing Partner, 2B Relations


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