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Media Training That Takes You To The Top


Welcome to
Alison Deyette Media

At Alison Deyette Media, we transform good communicators into great ones and turn public speaking and on-camera appearances into an art form. We are more than a media training company; we are your personal communication coach, empowering you to overcome barriers and embrace the spotlight with confidence.

Our curated training programs are crafted for a diverse clientele, including CEOs, professional athletes, executives, experts, influencers, and on-air personalities—dynamic individuals eager to elevate their public speaking and media interaction skills. We understand the challenges you face: the nervousness before a big interview, the anxiety of living up to high expectations, the fear of not captivating your audience. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you transcend those moments and truly deliver.

With a blend of on-camera coaching, media training, and public speaking plans, we offer a holistic approach that ensures you're not just heard, but truly listened to. Whether you're delivering a critical pitch, facing a camera for an on-air conversation, leading a team, or engaging an audience on stage, we’ll help you craft a compelling narrative that resonates.

Our training goes beyond techniques; it's about discovering your unique voice and using it to command attention, influence opinions, and leave a memorable impact. From the very beginning, you'll learn to communicate with poise, persuade with clarity, and present with unwavering confidence.

Step into your potential. Speak with power. Shine on every platform.

Alison is an exceptional media trainer both in approach and execution.  We put our clients, including Fortune 500 executives, in her care and without fail she has given them the skills and confidence to succeed in some of the most challenging media environments.  No matter how inexperienced the individual, she passes on the tools needed to handle any interview or presentation with style and aplomb. 

- Terri Barnes

Managing Partner, 2B Relations

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